UoN successfully hosted the 6th African Higher Education Week 2018
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Tue, 2018-10-30 13:29

With over 1107 participants drawn from 50 countries, 20 pre- conference events, 67 exhibitors, 12 plenary sessions and 18 technical parallel sessions the University of Nairobi, the Kenyan Government and the Regional Universities forum for capacity building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) successfully hosted the 6th African Higher Education week.

The Cabinet Secretary, Education, Amb. Dr. Amina Mohammed officially opened the RUFORUM Conference on Tuesday October 23, 2018 on behalf of the President of Kenya.

Hon. Obiageli Ezekweselili, Former Minister of Education, Nigeria gave a keynote speech during the official closing ceremony tagged a call to action.

Some of the Highlights of the RUFORUM Biennial 2018 are the government of Kenya pledged to support RUFORUM in strengthening staff capacities and research facilities in Kenyan Universities, Committed to increase the pool of Women Scientists in Kenya, Committed to support African Higher Education, Science Technology and Innovation Agenda, Committed to promote intra African cooperation and also called on the African member states to endorse RUFORUM.

The Ugandan government pledged its support to operations of RUFORUM secretariat, endorsement of the RUFORUM charter, Endorse Uganda’s participation in a regional initiative to build Africa’s Science, technology and Innovation Capacity (BASTIC), to provide land and support construction of RUFORUM secretariat headquarters.

The remarks from South African government are universities and researchers need academic freedom and freedom of expression, effective science policy needs international partnerships, policy makers must provide funding for high level development of graduates and support for both established and emerging researchers, periodic evaluation of initiatives, trust deficits between government and knowledge institutions must be closed.

The Conference was held at the Kenya International Conference Centre in Nairobi on October 22-26, 2018.

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