Victimology and Victim Support Conference
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Thu, 2018-11-08 11:01

“1 out of 3 people visiting a health institution has either a mental illness or a personality disorder; when a person has conflict within themselves, that’s a mental health issue.”

These were the opening statements of Dr. Kamau Kanyoro during the inaugural research week at the University of Nairobi at the victimology and victim support conference.

He was speaking on the, ‘State of mental health in Kenya’ One of the presentations that formed the basis of discussion during the conference.

On his part, he said, “Mental health care in Kenya is insufficient, even the counselors are not well trained.” Dr. Kamau emphasized on the need of   Kenyans to get awareness and a paradigm shift when it comes to addressing mental health issues. “We all need a personal mental health doctor the same way we have physical health doctors. We are all physically fit and mentally unhealthy.”

Lack of fatherhood is one of the major causes of mental illness. Confidence and self-esteem is planted by the father and watered by the mother. Dr. Kamau said, “The milk of a mother will cause the child to grow, but the voice of the father will cause the child to develop,” He said this when he was urging the audience to have good foundations with their children. He said when the foundation is wrong, everything else is wrong.

Depression is the number 1 killer disease according to World health organization. Suicide is the epitome of depression and mental disorder. Due to societal ignorance, so many people have committed suicide and yet depression is a treatable and manageable disease.

“The biggest miracle in life knowing yourself,” He said, 90% of the problem will be solved as soon as an individual acknowledges that they have a mental illness and 10% is when a trained professional works with the patient and manages the disorder.

 “Anyone can be a victim anywhere.” This was the opening statement by the moderator, Dr. Anne Assey from the Open, Distance and Education Learning (oDeL Campus)

The state of mental health in Kenya was the first presentation that was done by Dr. Kamau Kanyoro. Other presentations included Al Shabaab and forced marriage in Somalia, beliefs, practices and interventions, Are girls safe in Schools? Breaking the silence,Healing Centred engagement: strength base approach for political instigated trauma among others.

It was 3-day conference among the conferences parallel running during the first ever University of Nairobi research week held in all the colleges.

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