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Mon, 2015-12-07 12:24
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chancellor's Court

The chancellor Dr. Vijoo Rattansi conferring  PHD's during the 54th graduation ceremony

It was a memorable day for the more than 8,000 graduands who graduated on Friday 4th December 2015. The majority of the graduands were drawn from the colleges of humanities n social studies and from the college of health sciences.

The graduation was presided over by the Chancellor of the University of Nairobi Dr. Vijoo Rattansi. During her speech, Dr. Rattansi was extremely proud of the graduands and her advice to them was well paraphrased from the words of the Great Napoleon:

“Graduands, Government owes you much and can give you nothing. The patience and courage you have shown in the midst of all the heavy demands are admirable; but they gain you no renown; no glory results to you from your endurance. Onward then you march into the most fertile plains of the world. Rich provinces and great cities will be in your power. There you will find honour, glory, and wealth. I wish that you will neither be found wanting in courage, perseverance or upright morals. In the face of endless opportunities for both ill and good, your moral compass must always stay true to its North so as to guide you to do right”.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Mbithi on his part congratulated the graduands noting that this was a crowning moment for the graduands for all the sacrifices they had made in pursuit of knowledge. He also urged the graduands to go out and learn more and not to stop there” I therefore urge you not to stop here; our country needs you to conduct research; our Universities need you to teach and train; our families need you to unravel the next discovery and make theirs a better world to live in”. The VC also promised the graduands that the gates of UON would always remain open for all those who dared to embark in search of knowledge.

Other speakers who addressed the congregation was chairman of Council Dr Idle Farah who congratulated the graduands and urged them  to go out and change the world and make it better than they found it. He also wished the graduands joy, good health happiness and success and also urged them to keep moving forward in whatever they do no matter the situation.

A total of 8861 graduands were conferred degrees and awarded diplomas during the celebration; 84 PhDs, 2,549 Masters, 5,502 Bachelors, 76 Postgraduate Diplomas and 647 ordinary Diplomas.

Congratulations to all the graduands

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