2nd Quarter Innovation Forum
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Mon, 2016-05-23 09:04

In Preparation for the Nairobi Innovation Week 2016, University of Nairobi’s C4D Lab has been organizing innovation forums towards the main event to be held in August, 1st-5th.

This Innovation forum was set to take place at Taifa Hall. Israel Ambassador to Kenya, Ambassador YahelVilan gave a public lecture on the “Innovation Opportunities from Israel- Kenya Relations.”

In his Presentation, the Ambassador highlighted the strengths of Israel on Innovation. He mentioned Israel’s Innovation culture, their innovation history and the vision Israel has on Innovation. He mentioned the effects Innovation has had in Israel on Health and life Sciences, Agriculture, water solutions, and cyber security.

Amb. Yahel said that Kenya is not what it was 10 years ago. Kenya is among the nations that are transforming very fast based on the successful innovations.

He said with the relations Kenya and Israel have, and looking at the emphasis that UON is making on innovation; he encouraged Kenyans and the Universities to make the most of the ideas that are coming up through technology.

Speaking on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Production and Extension, Prof. Jane Mariara, said that as a leading University in the region, UoN recognizes the critical role it plays at the center of the innovation ecosystem on the African continent. She said that the University has positioned innovation as one of its defining pillars of leadership. These innovation forums will be part of the effort to nurture the innovative culture of our students, staff and partners.

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