A Sensitization Workshop on Corruption, Ethics and Integrity
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Date and time: 
Wed, 2016-06-08 17:20
Location / Venue: 

maktaba hall-JKML

Heads of departments from the Central Administration have been taken thorough sensitization workshop on corruption prevention, ethics and integrity. The aim of the one day training was to help members understand more on corruption, leadership and integrity.

The AG DVC AF Prof Isaac Mbeche gave a speech on behalf on the Vice Chancellor started off by explaining what corruption is which is the abuse of power for private gain. He went on to highlight the corruption risk areas which include: delays in opening files for new students which leads to loss of information, execution of procurement request outside of procurement plans-people deciding to request for things not in the procurement plan, abuse of overtime facility among others.

Professor Mbeche urged members to set the pace and to help improve on service delivery to the clients. Citing on the negative issues that had happened in the recent past, he told members “it is our duty to ensure that we build on the image of the university. The university is still doing very well,we will achieve excellence in a very short time”. He further asked members to continue doing the good work so that the university can continue to get recognition for its good work.

A lecturer from the School of law, Naomi N Njuguna took members through ’ Leadership and Integrity’. She started by stating that everybody is a leader in their various capacities and urged members to learn to submit and obey in order to be good leaders. Ms. Naomi went on to explain the differences between ethics and integrity. Ethics is the rule; it is an external prescription on what is right and  wrong. Integrity is an internal system that guides our behavior, character and virtues and  is also based on choice.  She concluded by urging members to be always honest and truthful and to treat everybody fairly and equitably in whatever capacity they are serving.

Others who spoke at the event were Dr.Grace Kirika, administrator Legal office, Collins Omondi Senior legal Officer, Dr. Bulinda, Registrar Administration among others.

The event was attended by Heads of Departments from Central Administration and other staff members.

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