UoN joins World Universities Network (WUN)
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Tue, 2016-11-29 15:17

UoN is now the third African university to join the World Universities Network (WUN). The other two African universities are the University of Cape Town and the University of Ghana.


The University of Nairobi (UoN) has been admitted to the World Universities Network (WUN) following an assessment by the Global Universities Network.

WUN is the most active global higher education and research network with 90 active research initiatives, engaging over 2,000 researchers and students collaborating in a diverse range of projects. These initiatives are committed to addressing some of the world’s most urgent challenges and are supported by prolific partners such as the United Nations Foundation, World Bank, OECD and World Health Organization.


This now gives UoN a global strategic advantage by enhancing its capacity to respond to global research and educational challenges, and the capability to undertake international strategic research in ways that are not feasible by single institutions working alone. The UoN has been recognized as a member of the network and intends to work together with other Members of the Worldwide Universities Network, bringing faculty and other staff together to develop and implement new ideas and pursue new funding opportunities, to create avenues for student exchange, and to share information and best practices.


According to the Executive Director, WUN, Mr. John Hearn, UoN’s membership provides WUN and its Global Africa Group with strong regional and international engagement in west, east and south Africa.


 UoN has added advantages to access funding for research, attendance of WUN conferences and events, development of joint research proposals, graduate student exchange, development of distributed learning and exchange of academic staff, among other benefits.

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