Two UoN Students to Play Roll Ball in World Cup 2017
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Mon, 2017-02-20 15:10

Two UoN students are part of a seven (7) member team that will travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh for the 4th Roll Ball World Cup 2017.


The two have made the cut to be part of the team that will represent Kenya in this event.


Amito Kevin Ouma and George Mbutu Mutie are students from the College of Biological and Physical Sciences (CBPS), who have been part of the UoN roll ball team that has been participating in the local league.


Roll Ball is a relatively new game in Kenya and is played between two teams of 12 players. Out of 12, only 6 players are allowed to play on court at a time. This game is played on skates. The ball can be held in single hand or both hands, even during passing. A player must dribble the ball while carrying it. Players of both teams have to goal and the team who is able to goal more than the opponent team wins.


All the best to the Kenya Team and our two bright stars!

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