Government to Support Nairobi Innovation Week
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Wed, 2017-03-08 16:58

“The government will continue to support Nairobi Innovation Week as a National Program.”

This was revealed by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Mr. Joe Mucheru when he was speaking during the official opening of the third Nairobi Innovation Week 2017. “Universities should come together and innovate,” he said this while urging the local Universities to come up with local solutions to the local problems in the Country.

Mr. Mucheru gave the audience a breakdown of some of the innovations that the government through the Ministry of ICT has been working on among them, Ajira, Studio mashinani, where the two focus on the youth, the talents that they have and the issue of unemployment. He also urged the youth to have a job creation mentality instead of a job searching mentality.

He mentioned Mpesa, Mkopa and Ushahidi as some of the innovations from Kenya that have brought solutions to the world.

On his part, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi said that this third Nairobi Innovation Week is part of a 10-year roadmap that the University has. He said that since the first Innovation Week, a lot of solutions have come up, start-ups have commercialized and more research has been taken up.

The VC thanked the partners and sponsors of the Innovation week, Barclays Kenya, KCB, Safaricom, KRA, Uber, NIC Bank among others and urged more organizations to partner with the University in this innovation culture to create solutions for problems in Kenya and the rest of the world.

The innovation week has seen the government, private and public companies, the International community and academia work together to get solutions for the country and hence development of the nation.

This year’s theme is, ‘Innovating to solve pressing local and global pressing challenges’. This year’s Innovation week has attracted a variety of participants from exhibitors, partners to the different sponsors.

The Innovation week that started on Monday, March 6 and ends on Friday, March 10 is in its third day and there are more side events, seminars, and an entrepreneurship youth forum that will happen in the remaining days.

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