UoN Front Office Staff Undergo Training on Public Relations
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Thu, 2017-06-15 09:07

The University of Nairobi Front office staff   underwent a three-day training on Public relations. The training which was organized by the Vice Chancellor’s office focused on Customer service, information security, harnessing the power of social media and Protocol.

The staff were trained on public relations’ brand loyalty, brand love and brand equity. The main objective of this topic was to challenge the way staff perceive the Institution and how they relate amongst themselves. The trainer really emphasized on the introspection of the staff members within the institution.

Customer service training largely focused on the mode of service delivery. Effectiveness and efficiency of each individual was questioned with regards to the University’s customer service delivery charter. Most of the gaps that the audience felt needed addressing were highlighted and addressed with the need for more trainings like that emphasized.

“Customer service is everyone’s shadow, respect of the customer should be at all times, always exceed the customer’s expectation, make it easy for the customer to do business with you, talk to your customer in a language they understand, keep your customer informed of what is happening and ask the customer to evaluate your service,” said the trainer, Hannah Gichuki. These are the do’s of customer service.

Information security awareness involves employees understanding the roles and the policies in place to be adhered to, corporate reputation and regulatory requirements compliance that the institution has in place.

On official protocol used in institution, state and diplomacy relations; order of precedence, office meeting set-up, receiving and exchanging of gifts and etiquette were highlighted.

“Before giving a gift, one should do a thorough research on the culture and the legalities of his/her guest. Whether that guest has visited before and what gift was given to them is to be considered before the ceremony. The aids of the guest and host should discuss beforehand whether the gifting ceremony is appropriate for the occasion and whether it will be public or private.” Said Japheth, the protocol trainer  

The discussions made a very powerful end of the training. The training was held at the University towers and facilitated by an Academic staff member, Anne.

In closing, Mr. John Orindi, Director, Corporate Affairs, said that there was need for more of such trainings because there was a lot more to learn. He emphasized that for the University to maintain its world class status; there is need for a better customer experience and an improved adherence to the policies in the institution. 

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