6,611 Graduate at UoN
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Fri, 2018-01-12 08:21

The University of Nairobi celebrated its 58th Graduation ceremony on December 22, 2017 which saw 6,611 degrees conferred and awarded diplomas.  

61 PhDs, 14 Fellowships, 1,981 Masters, 26 Post Graduate Diplomas,   3,787 Bachelors 6 Higher Diplomas and 736 Diplomas were presented to graduates from the various Colleges.


This ceremony saw the first woman from the Tana-River County, Dr. Medina Twalib, from the School of Business awarded a PhD. Several governors, high court judges and members of parliament also graduated from the School of Law.


“As a university, we have surmounted many challenges confounding us in the course of this year,” said the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, who presided over the ceremony. “Today’s graduation therefore holds a special place in my heart. It is a triumph against many stark odds. Scars of standing up for right will itch us for a long time, but this house infinitely united for good, shall not fall. Like the persistent wind that eventually wears away the stone leaving the earth’s splendor for the admiration of the gods, this university too shall overcome and stand the test of time.”


The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi congratulated the graduands expressing his confidence that the graduands have been empowered with the requisite skills and mindset to deal with all the challenges that will come their way.


“The education qualifications and the quality of certificates you are about to obtain today are not only a source of pride but also indicators of your readiness to go! Ready to work and ready to serve!” he said.

“When you go out there, please be our true ambassadors! Project us positively in your work and in your character!”


In his speech, Prof. Mbithi said that the University of Nairobi shall remain faithful to the values of academic quality and integrity.

“We shall not compromise our standards! We shall relentlessly, fearlessly and consistently protect our academic quality,” he said. “The Senate shall not hesitate to ruthlessly deal with all cases of academic malpractices and intellectual dishonesty! No one shall be spared irrespective of their status in society.”

The University of Nairobi Alumni Association (UoNAA), Chairman, Mr. Isaac Awuondo, called on the graduating class of 2017 to join the association.


“The Association is committed in supporting the university in various capacities. This year, it has supported needy and bright students to the tune of Kshs.2 M,” he said. “To date 15 Alumni Chapters have been launched with the most recent one being that of the School of Law. In addition, the Association is revamping its systems including the online portal. We invite today’s graduands to remain close to the University by becoming members of the Association.”


Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2017!

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