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“Country serenity in the city”. That is the marketing slogan of Utalii Hotel, Nairobi, one of the very good government hotels in Nairobi. If you have been there, you must have seen the truth of it. Operated under the Ministry of Tourism and a part of Kenya Utalii College, Utalii Hotel probably offers the best cuisine in Nairobi (within its class), it being also the training hotel for the college.

Utalii Hotel (and college) offers various conferencing facilities, notably for use by government departments and state corporations.  With generally affordable rates compared to other private hotels in its class, Utalii’s conference and accommodation facilities are normally heavily booked, sometimes months in advance.  The college side has a big hall popular with government departments that want to hold big conferences or have schedules involving many people.

Utalii is also famous for hosting private functions including wedding parties and fundraisers.  On national days and other holidays, there is always a special menu for patrons, prepared by its experts in the line of food and beverage.

The University of Nairobi is one of the prime users of Utalii Hotel facilities through its various units, and at various forums, members of the University of Nairobi Community have expressed great satisfaction with the services offered at Utalii Hotel.

The University is therefore proud to be associated, and to partner with Utalii Hotel.

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