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The Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance) is one of the top key offices established by the University of Nairobi Charter and Statutes.  Appointed by the Council from among the Professors of the University on permanent and pensionable terms, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance) is the Head of Administration and Finance Divisions of the University whose functions include management of personnel matters, finance and assets.

Until year 2010, the University had two Deputy Vice Chancellors i.e.  Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance) and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs).  However, due to greater expansion and  for more efficient management, the University in 2010/2011 established and filled the positions of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs) and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research, Production and Extension). This made the University of Nairobi to be the first University in Kenya having four (4) Deputy Vice-Chancellors.

In spite of the duties now being spread out further among the four, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance) has retained most of the key responsibilities held before.  He is, for example, Chairman of various key committees of the University as follows:

  • Tender Committee.
  • Housing Allocation Committee.
  • Disciplinary Committees for staff in Grade 1 – F in Central Administration.
  • Staff appointment Committees for:
  1. Appointment for non-academic staff within the Central Administration of the University up to the level of Senior Assistant Registrar or other equivalent non-teaching grades.
  2. Appointment of non-teaching staff in the rest of the University of the level of Assistant Registrar and Senior Assistant Registrar and other equivalent non-teaching grades

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance) is also a member of the following Committees of the University Council:

Staff Housing Policy Committee.

  • Appointment Committees for Professors and Associate Professors.
  • Appointment Committee of Registrar and Deputy Registrars.
  • Disciplinary Committees for staff on academic terms of service.
  • Sealing Committee.
  • Standing Committee on Staff terms of service.

As the Office responsible for personnel, finances and assets, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance) is also in-charge, through individual heads of departments, of the following Central Units:

  • Administration Department
  • Finance Department
  • Estates  Department
  • University Health Services
  • Transport and Garage
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Planning Department
  • Procurement Department
  • ICT Centre

It is noteworthy that though the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance) has a direct hand in the management of the above Units, personnel matters relating to all other departments are managed in his office since he is the one responsible for the interpretation of staff terms of service.

The current office holder of the position is Prof. Bernard N. K. Njoroge, a Professor in Civil and Construction Engineering, who was appointed to the post in April, 2015.  Previously, he had served as Principal, College of Architecture and Engineering (CAE) since January 2009 to April 2015. Dean, School of Engineering .Chairman, Department of Civil and Construction Engineering as from 1996 to 2002.

Previous occupants of the position of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance) include Prof. Peter Mbithi (Current Vice Chancellor), Prof. George Magoha, Prof. Crispus Kiamba (current PS, MoHEST), Prof. Raphael Munavu (Chancellor, Laikipia University) and Prof Shem Wandiga (Chairman of Council, Moi University).

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