Message from the DVC (A&F)
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Welcome to the official website of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration & Finance) University of Nairobi.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration & Finance) is one of the University’s top management offices established by the University of Nairobi Charter 2013.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration & Finance) is the Head of the Administration and Finance Divisions of the University, whose functions include management of Personnel matters, Finance and Assets.

Among the key responsibilities of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration & Finance) are the following:

  • Chairman of Tender Committee
  • Chairman of Housing Allocation Committee
  • Chairman, Staff Appointments Committee (for Assistant Registrar, Senior Assistant Registrar and other equivalent non-teaching staff grades
  • Chairman, Staff Appointments Committee for Staff in Grades 1-F in Central Administration
  • Chairman, Staff Disciplinary Committee for Grade 1-F in Central Administrations
  • Member, Staff Housing Policy Committee
  • Member, Standing Committee on Staff Terms of Service
  • Member, Sealing Committee

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration & Finance) plays a critical role in the management of the University, and is currently the overall Co-ordinator of the Performance Contracting process in the University, the ISO Management Representative, the Chairman of the Collective Bargaining Agreement teams for Management and also in-charge of Staff Performance Appraisal. With the mandate of the Vice-Chancellors’ Committee, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor is currently the Chairman of the Inter-Public Universities Councils Consultative Forum (IPUCCF) Joint Negotiations Committee, responsible for negotiating staff benefits with unions at the national level.

Since 2005, the University of Nairobi has been on a revamped revitalization programme addressing assets, equipments, buildings and the Human Resource.

I call upon all our staff, students and stakeholders to support us in this regard.  We owe it to Kenyans to deliver on our core mandate as set out in the Universities Act No. 42 of 2012.

Finally, I call upon you to give feedback on our services especially where this has to do with customer satisfaction.  This will enable us address issues that are identified as requiring action on our part.