Collaborations in DVC A/F

Tratons Tours And Travel

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Construction and Maintenance

Amazon Consultants Ltd


a leading Quantity Surveying and Project Management firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals provide our clients in diverse market sectors with the full range of quantity surveying and project management services.

Link: Amazon Consultants Ltd

Arcs Africa

ARCS AFRICA is an Architectural and Project Management consultancy firm based in Nairobi-Kenya dealing with Architecture, Project management, Project co-ordination and development. The practice is staffed with a team of  Architects  and a technical support staff of professionals, based in our offices in Nairobi who provide hands-on direction to all the projects in the office, to ensure the highest quality of project implementation and management.

Link: Arcs Africa

Davson & Ward

Quantity Surveyors, Building Economists and Project Managers

Link: Davson & Ward

Donn Consultants Engineers

is a professional electrical and mechanical engineering consultancy firm established in 1986. With over 20 years experience and an extensive client base, Donn consultants is characterised by reliable expertise and innovation delivered personally and consistently. Our mission is to provide our clients with Innovative, Qualitative and Effective design solutions. Our experience includes residential, commercial, schools, universities and banks.

Link: Donn Consultants Engineers

Engineers Board Of Kenya


Link: Engineers Board of Kenya

Estate Department

Link: estate department

Feradon Associates Ltd




Feradon Associates is a consulting engineering firm with offices registered in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda.

Backed by qualified engineers with extensive training and experience, Feradon Associates brings to the Consulting fraternity a wealth of expertise and professionalism.

Feradon Associates is fully equipped with all the modern telecommunications equipment, state-of-of-the-art energy monitoring equipment and, above all, very highly professional and dedicated manpower.

Link: Feradon Associates Ltd

Finance Department


Gedox Associates

The aim of GEDOX ASSOCIATES LTD is to provide the full range of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services to developers of building and civil engineering projects within the existing professional consultancy framework in Kenya.

Link: Gedox Associates









Insitute Of Quanity Surveyors Of Kenya

Link: Insitute of Quanity Surveyors of Kenya

Kitololo Consultants

KC is an independent civil and structural engineering company rendering professional services to the public and private sector clients in project planning, design, management, construction supervision,contract administration and maintenance programming. The company is committed to the enforcement of the professional ethics and enhancement of standards in the execution of the tasks involve  and timely delivery of the services

Link: Kitololo Consultants

M & E Consulting Engineers

M & E Consulting Engineers is a professional company incorporated in Kenya during June 1982. The firm is entirely controlled in Kenya and is fully Kenyan owned. Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company permit it to carry out business as consulting engineers.

Link: M & E Consulting Engineers

Makro Consultancy Ltd


            The main objective of    the firm is to provide high qualityprofessional service in building construction and environmental planning. The firm understands its role and principal work to be that of        advising our clients on feasibility of projects, studying their needs, preparing, directing and coordinating design and supervising works to completion under the building contract.

Link: makro Consultancy ltd

Metrocom Consultants

Metrocom Consultants, a firm that specializes in offering consultancy in mechanical and electrical building services was formed in 2006 and incorporated as a limited company in 2007.

Link: Metrocom Consultants

N.k. Brothers Ltd

N.K. Brothers Ltd.(NKB), a leading Building & General Contractors, incorporated in the year 1953, in Kenya. N.K. Brothers Ltd. prides itself as a Kenyan company with Kenyan Directors. NKB carries out construction of high rise buildings, cluster of villas, commercial and residential complexes, processing industries, parks, leisure facilities, port facilities, multi-storeyed car parks etc.

Link: N.K. Brothers ltd

National Construction Authority


Link: National Construction Authority

National Environmental Regulatory Authority


Link: National Environmental Regulatory Authority

Professional Consultants Ltd

Professional Consultants Ltd is a Kenyan engineering consulting company active on the East and Central Africa market since the early 1983.

Link: Professional Consultants Ltd

Songa Ogoda & Associates

Songa Ogoda & Associates is a partnership owned and managed by three partners whose total experience in the industry amounts to over 70 years. The partners who previously worked with different organizations have a pool of experience and expertise in quantity surveying which can match any quantity surveying practice in the country. Boasting of several quantity surveyors and assistant quantity surveyors and long experienced support staff, the firm has a technical manpower base capable of rising to any challenge in the quantity surveying profession. As practitioners Songa Ogoda & Associates boasts in the course of the practice of having trained many imminent quantity surveyors in Eastern Africa Region most of whom are our proud competitors

Link: Songa Ogoda & Associates

Terraconsult Kenya Ltd

Terraconsult Kenya Ltd is a firm of Consulting Engineers & Environmentalists offering under one roof project management services and the full range of engineering and environmental services including Geotechnical, Civil (Roads, Water supply and Sanitation), Structural and and  environmental studies. The offices are located at no 18, Lenana Road, Nairobi, Kenya.The firm also offers short courses/seminars on specialized topics in Engineering and Technology areas for those professionals who are interested in upgrading their skills.

Link: Terra Consult Kenya

The Board Of Registration Of Architects And Quantity Surveyors Of Kenya


Link: The Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors of Kenya

Waweru And Associates

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Widrups Group Limited

Widrups Group Limited was established and became a Limited company in 2011.The company is fully independent entity that specializes in Civil / Structural Engineering, Mechanical / Electrical Engineering and Project management.

Link: Widrups Group Limited

Ymr Partnership

    YMR Partnership provides construction consultancy services in the fields of urban and rural development, building construction and civil engineering projects with core services comprising project cost estimating and cost planning, specification writing, quantity surveying and building economics, construction cost management and administration, construction claims management and services in connection with arbitration or litigation and dispute management/resolution services to a wide range of public and private sector clients.

Link: YMR Partnership


Estates Department Collaborations

The Estate department has collaborations with the following organizations:



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Finance Department Collaborators

In order to realize its objectives, the University of Nairobi, Finance Department has a committed  working relationship with established Institutions and Organizations.

Researchers and Donors are collaborating with Finance Department, Grants Section, to execute their Research Projects’ budget lines successfully.

Financial Institutions, Insurance companies and Trade Unions have aliased with us, while offering their services to their clients (Staff and Students).


Financial Services:


Insurance Policies Covers:



Professional Bodies:

Finance Department collaborates with the following accounting bodies to provide benchmark qualifications, knowledge and skills to members of staff:

Students’ Loans:

Trade Unions:

Government Agencies :


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Finance Department Collaborators

In order to realize its objectives, the University of Nairobi, Finance Department has a committed  working relationship with established Institutions and Organizations.

Researchers and Donors are collaborating with Finance Department, Grants Section, to execute their Research Projects’ budget lines successfully.

Financial Institutions, Insurance companies and Trade Unions have aliased with us, while offering their services to their clients (Staff and Students).


Financial Services:


Insurance Policies Covers:

Institutions of Higher Learning

Professional Bodies:

Finance Department collaborates with the following accounting bodies to provide benchmark qualifications, knowledge and skills to members of staff:

Employers Unions


Pension Agencies:


Students’ Loans:

Trade Unions:

Government Agencies :




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Internal Audit

Chuna Sacco

Chuna are frequent seekers of our variuos services

Link: Chuna Sacco

Deloite Touche


Ethics & Anti-corruption Commission

Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission


Link: EACC

Finance Department

One of Our Major Clients

Link: UoN Finance

Kenya National Audit Office

Kenya National Audit Office- External Auditor




Price Waterhouse Coopers


Procurement Department

Link: Procurement Department

Transport Department

Link: Transport Department

Legal Office

Commission On Administrative Justice


Ethics And Anti-corruption Commission


Kenya Law Reports -


Kilonzo & Co., Advocates


Mereka & Co., Advocates


Office Of The Chief Justice


Office Of The Kenyan Ombudsman - Commission On Administrative Justice


Oraro & Co., Advocates



You can get in touch with us through;

Nairobi-Kijabe Street

Opposite Fairmount Norfolk Hotel
or call us on

Link: safarionline

The Attorney General



Institute Of Certified Public Secretaries


Kenya Industrial Research And Development Institute (kird)


Kenya Institute Of Supplies Management

KISM is a national body for professionals in the practice of procurement and supplies management in Kenya. The Institute draws its mandate from the “Supplies Practitioners Management Act No.17 of 2007.” This Act provides the legal framework within which the Institute is established and operates as a corporate body promoting learning, development of best practices, and application of the same to the practice of procurement and supply chain management. This legal framework establishes the following structures to support operations of the institute:

  • The governing “Council” comprising seven elected, qualified and experienced supplies practitioners. The Permanent Secretary of the Treasury and the Director General of the Public Procurement Oversight Authority are appointed through this statute to the Council;
  • “Staff of the Institute” who are responsible for the day to day management of the affairs of the institute
  • The Examinations Board which is responsible for establishment and administration of a national procurement and supplies  syllabi and examinations
  • The “Registration Committee” admits new members, and oversees development and promotion of membership services which include capacity development;
  • The “Disciplinary Committee” is the custodian of the professional code of ethics, it has the responsibility of promoting compliance to the code through sensitization activities and enforcement of the code in line with the Act


Public Procurement Authority

Public Procurement Oversight Authority is charged with the following Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring that the procurement procedures established under this Act are complied with.
  2. Monitoring the Public Procurement System and report on the overall functioning of it in accordance with section 20(3) (b) and present to the Minister such other reports and recommendations for improvements as the Director-General considers advisable.
  3. Assisting in the implementation and operation of the Public Procurement System and in doing so;
  1. Prepare and distribute   manuals and Public Procurement and Disposal standard     documents     to     be   used     in  connection   with   procurement   by   public entities.     
  2. Provide advice and assistance to procuring entities.
  3. Develop, promote and support the training and professional development of persons involved in procurement.
  4. Issue written directions to public entities with respect to procurement including the conduct of procurement proceedings and the dissemination of information on procurements.
  5. Ensure that procuring entities engage procurement professionals in their procurement units.           
  1. Initiating Public Procurement Policy and propose amendments to the act or to the regulations.

The University has immensely benefited from staff development programs in partnership with PPOA. The University is also up-to-date in Quarterly submission of Statutory Reports.




Administration Police

Link: Administration Police

City Council Of Nairobi

Link: City Council of Nairobi

Kenya Police

Link: Kenya Police

Mombasa County Government

University of Nairobi has a campus in Mombasa County. In the aspect of security and safety, their is a section of security currently under Campus Security Chief and has always found support from the County Government of Mombasa on matters related to Law enforcement.


The Judiciary

Link: The Judiciary


Aceautocentre Ltd


Alfa Motors Ltd


Apex Motor Mart Limited

Link: Apex Motor Mart Limited

Associated Motors


Associated Motors Ltd


Autofine Ltd


Automobile Association Of Kenya

Link: Automobile Association of Kenya

Automobile Association Of Kenya

Link: Automobile Association of Kenya

Automobile Association Of Kenya (aa)




Banbros Bus Coach


Central Farmers Garage Ltd


Cmc Motors


Cooper Motor Cooperation (cmc)

Link: Cooper Motor Cooperation (CMC)

Dt Dobie (k) Ltd


Dt Dobie Kenya Ltd

Link: DT Dobie Kenya Ltd

First Assurance Company Limited

Link: First Assurance Company Limited

First Assurance Company Ltd


Forage Auto And Allied


Forange Auto And Allied

Link: Forange Auto and Allied

General Motors East Africa


General Motors East Africa

Link: General Motors East Africa

Haji Motors


Haji Motors Ltd , Hundai Complex


Kenya Coach Industries Ltd

Link: Kenya Coach Industries Ltd

Kenya Institute Of Highway And Bridge Technology

Link: Kenya Institute of Highway and Bridge Technology

Kenya Institute Of Highways And Bridge Technology


Kenya Motors & Equipment


Kenya Police Service, Government Vehicle Check Unit


Kenya Police Service, Traffic Department


Kenya Red Cross


Kenya Red Cross

Link: Kenya Red Cross

Kenya Revenue Authority


Kenya Shell Ltd

Link: Kenya Shell Ltd

Kianjata Springs Campsite Nyahururu


Marshalls East Africa


Megy Sing Cushion Makers Ltd


Ministry Of Works


Quattro Sports Auto - Transmission Ltd


Ryce Motors




St Johns Ambulance


St. John Ambulance

Link: St. John Ambulance

Stantech Motors


Stantech Motors

Link: Stantech Motors

Telematicsafrica Ltd


Top Quality Auto Ltd


Toyota Kenya

Link: http://

Toyota Kenya Limited

Link: Toyota Kenya Limited

Unity Auto Garage


Unity Auto Garage

Link: Unity Auto Garage

Zayn Autocare Ltd


Zayn Motors


University Health Services

I Choose Life Africa

I Choose Life – Africa is one of the leading Non-Governmental Organizations that has contributed greatly to HIV prevention efforts among the youth in Kenya today. The NGO was incepted in 2002 with an objective of contributing to the reduction of HIV prevalence and susceptibility to infections among the youth in institutions of higher learning. After a successful first year at the University of Nairobi in 2003, the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) recommended ICL to all Kenyan universities.  Since then, the program has successfully expanded to over 24 institutions (tertiary institutions and high schools) across six provinces in Kenya. 

ICL’s vision is to see ‘an AIDS free Africa.’ Its goal is to contribute to the Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan to reduce HIV, improve the quality of life of those infected and affected and mitigate the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS. ICL’s mission is to create a movement of caring communities among students that make responsible and informed choices with regards to Life and HIV/AIDS through prevention, care and support and mitigation of socio-economic impact.

The ICL program has been able to positively use peer education for behavior change among university students. Three reports have been published on the impact and effectiveness of its work at Kenyatta University, Maseno University and the University of Nairobi. The organization has specifically initiated youth programs aimed at promoting the uptake of Counseling and Testing (CT) services among the students, increasing HIV/AIDS knowledge, changing youth norms, attitudes and risk perceptions.

To date, ICL program activities have been achieved through Development Partnerships with agencies such as Futures Group Europe, NavPartners-Sweden, USAID, Swedish Cooperative Centre, UNFPA, Family Health International, ACTS among others.

A number of ICL staff sit on national, provincial and district decision making committees, which include the National Youth Behavior Change Communication Strategy development Steering committee; the national Technical committee on Provider Initiated Testing and Counseling Rapid Results Initiative (PITC RRI); the national Joint AIDS Peer Review Committee; the Health NGOs Network; and the Behavior Change Communication Nyanza Steering Committee.

In the year 2013 ICL will move from just focusing on HIV AIDS programs to general Health programs as well.

Link: I Choose Life Africa

National Ads Contol Council

The National AIDS Control Council (NACC) was established under Section 3 of the State Corporations Act Cap 446 through the National AIDS Control Council Order, 1999 published vide Legal Notice No. 170 of 1999.  NACC is a non-commercial organization whose mission is to:

“Provide policy and a Strategic framework for mobilizing and coordinating resources for the prevention of HIV transmission and provision of care and support to the infected and affected people in Kenya”

Vision: “An HIV free Society in Kenya”


  • · Provision of policy and a strategic framework
  • · Mobilization and coordination of resources
  • · Prevention of HIV transmission
  • Care and support for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS

This NACC mandate is recognized worldwide within the “three ones” principles namely:

  1. One agreed HIV and AIDS Action Framework that provides the basis for coordinating the work of all partners.
  2. One National AIDS Coordinating Authority with a broad based multi-sectoral mandate.
  3. One agreed country-level Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system.

Since its inception, NACC has had some notable achievements which include: the coordinating development and implementation of the Kenya National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plans (KNASP I, KNASP II and KNASP III); the development of policies on key areas including orphans and vulnerable children; mainstreaming gender into the Kenya National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan (KNASP) and engaging with key sectoral ministries to mainstream HIV and AIDS in the context of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) budget process.

To this end, NACC has four main objectives stipulated in the current Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan (KNASP III) 2009/10-2012/13 that are:

  1. Number of new infections reduced by at least 50%
  2. AIDS-related mortality reduced by 25%.
  3. HIV-related morbidity reduced.
  4. Socio-economic impact of HIV reduced at household and community level.

Link: National ADS Contol Council